375 rows


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id VARCHAR 36 null
accountbooking.cashReport_id FK_3E0BC42E856092CER
banknotecountprotocol.cashReport_id FK_C15A35D9856092CER
cashreportitem.cashReport_id FK_AA0D882856092CER
ecreport.cashReport_id FK_329AF1E9856092CER
orders.cashReport_id FK_E52FFDEE856092CER
voucherreport.cashReport_id FK_8BACCD26856092CER
number INT 10 null
date DATE 10 null
cashJournal_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7D290034A0F81733R
completed BIT 1 null
cashTotal DECIMAL 10,2 null
receiptTotal DECIMAL 10,2 null
outcomeTotal DECIMAL 10,2 null
banknoteCountProtocol_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7D2900345C3545B8R
user_id INT 10 null FK_7D290034A76ED395R
completedDate DATETIME 19 null
openingInventory DECIMAL 10,2 null
ecReport_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7D2900345FFE0628R
voucherReport_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7D29003479443B8AR
signature VARCHAR 255 null
wormSignature LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
tseTransactionNumber VARCHAR 32 null
tseStartDate VARCHAR 20 null
tseFinishDate VARCHAR 20 null
tseSerialNumber VARCHAR 255 null
publicKeyObject_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7D2900343B0ABC10R


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
IDX_7D2900343B0ABC10 Performance Asc publicKeyObject_id
IDX_7D290034A0F81733 Performance Asc cashJournal_id
IDX_7D290034A76ED395 Performance Asc user_id
UNIQ_7D2900345C3545B8 Must be unique Asc banknoteCountProtocol_id
UNIQ_7D2900345FFE0628 Must be unique Asc ecReport_id
UNIQ_7D29003479443B8A Must be unique Asc voucherReport_id