34787 rows


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id VARCHAR 36 null
amazonorderadjustmentjob.offerItem_id FK_8F4BA2E6FDB4FBE0R
offeritem.exchangedOfferItem_id FK_7E455D7CA98CC7A7R
offeritem.materialOfferItemSplittedFrom_id FK_7E455D7CC15851FER
offeritemmetafield.offeritem_id FK_6AD9A6B93209C27CR
orderpickingitem.offerItem_id FK_B934F647FDB4FBE0R
orderreturnitem.offerItem_id FK_3E24DCDFFDB4FBE0R
productlicense.offerItem_id FK_CC27523EFDB4FBE0R
realsendorderjob.offerItem_id FK_898D3131FDB4FBE0R
realstornojob.offerItem_id FK_A452DE7CFDB4FBE0R
shirtnetworkproduct.offerItem_id FK_AE6EEF45FDB4FBE0R
timetracking.offerItem_id FK_88B32207FDB4FBE0R
voucher.saleofferitem_id FK_1392A5D81DF8A1EFR
offer_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7E455D7C53C674EER
product_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7E455D7C4584665AR
foreign_id VARCHAR 36 null
sort INT 10 null
quantity DECIMAL 10,3 null
stornoQuantity INT 10 null
sku TINYTEXT 255 null
productTitle LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
variantTitle LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
productParameter LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
productOption LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
price DECIMAL 10,4 null
discount DECIMAL 10,2 null
vat DECIMAL 10,2 null
weight DOUBLE 22 null
note LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
storno BIT 1 null
wrapTitle VARCHAR 255 null
giftCardText LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
paymentTransactionId VARCHAR 255 null
giftCardType VARCHAR 255 null
ean VARCHAR 25 null
serialNumber VARCHAR 36 null
saleVoucher BIT 1 null
vendor_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7E455D7CF603EE73R
vendorOrderItem_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7E455D7C72AE74BDR
warehouse_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7E455D7C5080ECDER
info VARCHAR 255 null
stornoBookingAwaited BIT 1 null
stornoPositionSum DECIMAL 10,2 null
stornoPositionText LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
commissionLiabilityItem_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7E455D7C968D9E05R
commissionContractItem_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7E455D7C56B55761R
commissionContractReturn_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7E455D7CAC08CBCR
partialOffer_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7E455D7C5DC0B8C2R
creditNoteNumber VARCHAR 36 null
creditNoteDate DATETIME 19 null
receiptStornoNumber BIGINT 19 null
stornoPositionAccount VARCHAR 12 null
refundedTax DECIMAL 10,2 null
nonDiscountedRefundedTax DECIMAL 10,2 null
fixDiscount DECIMAL 10,2 null
discountPercent DECIMAL 10,2 null
subscriptionContractItem_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7E455D7C661C24D9R
discountNote VARCHAR 255 null
altQuantity DECIMAL 10,3 null
skipDiscounts BIT 1 null
saleUnitName VARCHAR 255 null
receiptStornoDate DATETIME 19 null
bestBeforeDate VARCHAR 36 null
taxAccount VARCHAR 12 null
allocated BIT 1 null
purchasePrice DECIMAL 10,4 null
accessoryVoucher_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7E455D7C6983B0D6R
file VARCHAR 255 null
lastupdated INT 10 null
note2 LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
standardPrice DECIMAL 10,4 null
documentCategoryText LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
productTitleInOfferLanguage LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
variantTitleInOfferLanguage LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
exchangedOfferItem_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7E455D7CA98CC7A7R
reserveStockTilDate DATE 10 null
reservedQuantity DECIMAL 10,3 null
lastCustomVat DECIMAL 10,2 null
materialOfferItemSplittedFrom_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_7E455D7CC15851FER
ossNettoPrice DECIMAL 10,4 null


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
IDX_7E455D7C4584665A Performance Asc product_id
IDX_7E455D7C5080ECDE Performance Asc warehouse_id
IDX_7E455D7C53C674EE Performance Asc offer_id
IDX_7E455D7C56B55761 Performance Asc commissionContractItem_id
IDX_7E455D7C5DC0B8C2 Performance Asc partialOffer_id
IDX_7E455D7C661C24D9 Performance Asc subscriptionContractItem_id
IDX_7E455D7C6983B0D6 Performance Asc accessoryVoucher_id
IDX_7E455D7CA98CC7A7 Performance Asc exchangedOfferItem_id
IDX_7E455D7CAC08CBC Performance Asc commissionContractReturn_id
IDX_7E455D7CC15851FE Performance Asc materialOfferItemSplittedFrom_id
IDX_7E455D7CF603EE73 Performance Asc vendor_id
search_idx Performance Asc foreign_id
UNIQ_7E455D7C72AE74BD Must be unique Asc vendorOrderItem_id
UNIQ_7E455D7C968D9E05 Must be unique Asc commissionLiabilityItem_id