23550 rows


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id VARCHAR 36 null
amazonprime.offer_id FK_7525C50753C674EER
arriva.offer_id FK_3498D9F553C674EER
contact.offer_id FK_4C62E63853C674EER
customer.activeOffer2_id FK_81398E09D5853D6AR
customer.activeOffer3_id FK_81398E096D395A0FR
customer.activeOffer_id FK_81398E095DB44BDBR
dhlexpress.offer_id FK_DE603D7A53C674EER
dhlreturn.offer_id FK_BEC2C73553C674EER
dpd.offer_id FK_D57F665953C674EER
fedex.offer_id FK_D52277D153C674EER
gls.offer_id FK_B29D009A53C674EER
goexpress.offer_id FK_52D92D9A53C674EER
hermes.offer_id FK_54085BA953C674EER
internetmarke.offer_id FK_62D10A3753C674EER
intraship.offer_id FK_F243A3EF53C674EER
offer.exchangedOffer_id FK_29D6873E9C2C31D7R
offer_objectgroup.offer_id FK_2CD2B4C353C674EEC
offer_report.offer_id FK_1D7A002553C674EEC
offeritem.offer_id FK_7E455D7C53C674EER
offeritem.partialOffer_id FK_7E455D7C5DC0B8C2R
offermetafield.offer_id FK_C2CBB30253C674EER
offerpaymentfield.offer_id FK_F8CCACC753C674EER
offerupload.offer_id FK_1EA8776A53C674EER
orders.offer_id FK_E52FFDEE53C674EER
ups.offer_id FK_4B482AD953C674EER
voucher.offer_id FK_1392A5D853C674EER
voucher.refundoffer_id FK_1392A5D879391FD7R
voucher.saleoffer_id FK_1392A5D852905701R
customer_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873E9395C3F3R
client_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873E19EB6921R
payment_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873E4C3A3BBR
shipping_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873E4887F3F8R
language_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873E82F1BAF4R
order_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873E8D9F6D38R
foreign_id VARCHAR 36 null
created DATETIME 19 null
updated DATETIME 19 null
offerNumber BIGINT 19 null
total DECIMAL 10,2 null
discount DECIMAL 10,2 null
voucherDiscount DECIMAL 10,2 null
deliveryCost DECIMAL 10,2 null
deliveryVat DECIMAL 10,2 null
paymentCost DECIMAL 10,2 null
paymentVat DECIMAL 10,2 null
wrapCost DECIMAL 10,2 null
wrapVat DECIMAL 10,2 null
giftCardCost DECIMAL 10,2 null
giftCardVat DECIMAL 10,2 null
tsProtectCost DECIMAL 10,2 null
status VARCHAR 100 null
billingEMail VARCHAR 255 null
billingSalutation VARCHAR 255 null
billingCompany VARCHAR 255 null
billingFirstName VARCHAR 255 null
billingLastName VARCHAR 255 null
billingStreet VARCHAR 255 null
billingVatId VARCHAR 50 null
billingCity VARCHAR 200 null
billingZip VARCHAR 16 null
billingPhone VARCHAR 128 null
billingFax VARCHAR 128 null
shippingSalutation VARCHAR 255 null
shippingCompany VARCHAR 255 null
shippingFirstName VARCHAR 255 null
shippingLastName VARCHAR 255 null
shippingStreet VARCHAR 255 null
shippingCity VARCHAR 200 null
shippingZip VARCHAR 16 null
shippingPhone VARCHAR 128 null
shippingFax VARCHAR 128 null
currency VARCHAR 32 null
note LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
paymentTransactionId VARCHAR 128 null
paidDate DATETIME 19 null
shippingDate DATETIME 19 null
estimatedShippingDate DATETIME 19 null
transactionStatus VARCHAR 128 null
nettoMode BIT 1 null
billingCountry_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873E4FFDFEE3R
billingState_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873EE3C8343DR
shippingCountry_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873EBD1BCD8AR
shippingState_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873E6EAEB92ER
internalNote LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
billingAdditionalInfo VARCHAR 255 null
additionalInfo LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
additionalInfo2 LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
additionalInfo3 LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
additionalCost DECIMAL 10,2 null
additionalCost2 DECIMAL 10,2 null
additionalCost3 DECIMAL 10,2 null
additionalCost4 DECIMAL 10,2 null
additionalCost5 DECIMAL 10,2 null
shippingAdditionalInfo VARCHAR 255 null
calcPlusTax BIT 1 null
giftCardText LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
noBillingAddress BIT 1 null
saleVoucherDiscount DECIMAL 10,2 null
giftCardType VARCHAR 255 null
hasDropshippingItems BIT 1 null
hasOndemandItems BIT 1 null
additionalCostName VARCHAR 255 null
additionalCostName2 VARCHAR 255 null
additionalCostName3 VARCHAR 255 null
additionalCostName4 VARCHAR 255 null
additionalCostName5 VARCHAR 255 null
weight DECIMAL 10,2 null
refundsum DECIMAL 10,2 null
agentCustomer_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873E7046D53R
customStornoSum DECIMAL 10,2 null
offerTemplate VARCHAR 128 null
cashDiscount DECIMAL 10,2 null
cashDiscountDays INT 10 null
cashDiscountPercent DECIMAL 10,2 null
packageWidth DECIMAL 10,2 null
packageHeight DECIMAL 10,2 null
packageLength DECIMAL 10,2 null
shippingPackage_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873EB0785805R
discountNote LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
refundedTax DECIMAL 10,2 null
notReserveStock BIT 1 null
billingTitle VARCHAR 255 null
shippingTitle VARCHAR 255 null
agentPayoffDate DATETIME 19 null
statusObject_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873E12C63630R
currencyRate DECIMAL 10,6 null
disableCostCalculation BIT 1 null
customerOrderNumber VARCHAR 100 null
estimatedOrderDate DATETIME 19 null
userAgent VARCHAR 255 null
userAgentType VARCHAR 255 null
agentParameter VARCHAR 255 null
offerStatus_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873EBEBB771CR
paymentTerm INT 10 null
totalnetto DECIMAL 10,2 null
shippingVatId VARCHAR 50 null
clerk_id INT 10 null FK_29D6873ED95C1FC6R
notRefundSaleVouchersProportionately BIT 1 null
customerCardDiscount DECIMAL 10,2 null
bonusCardDiscount DECIMAL 10,2 null
customerReference VARCHAR 64 null
uniqNumber VARCHAR 128 null
exchangedOffer_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_29D6873E9C2C31D7R
roundDiscountedStornoSum BIT 1 null
useEstimatedShippingDateAsFixedDate BIT 1 null
offerValidTil DATE 10 null
useNotReservedStockInBuyingProposals BIT 1 null
reserveStockTilDate DATE 10 null


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
created_idx Performance Asc created
IDX_29D6873E12C63630 Performance Asc statusObject_id
IDX_29D6873E19EB6921 Performance Asc client_id
IDX_29D6873E4887F3F8 Performance Asc shipping_id
IDX_29D6873E4C3A3BB Performance Asc payment_id
IDX_29D6873E4FFDFEE3 Performance Asc billingCountry_id
IDX_29D6873E6EAEB92E Performance Asc shippingState_id
IDX_29D6873E7046D53 Performance Asc agentCustomer_id
IDX_29D6873E82F1BAF4 Performance Asc language_id
IDX_29D6873E9395C3F3 Performance Asc customer_id
IDX_29D6873E9C2C31D7 Performance Asc exchangedOffer_id
IDX_29D6873EB0785805 Performance Asc shippingPackage_id
IDX_29D6873EBD1BCD8A Performance Asc shippingCountry_id
IDX_29D6873EBEBB771C Performance Asc offerStatus_id
IDX_29D6873ED95C1FC6 Performance Asc clerk_id
IDX_29D6873EE3C8343D Performance Asc billingState_id
search_idx Performance Asc foreign_id
status_idx Performance Asc status
template_idx Performance Asc offerTemplate
UNIQ_29D6873E8D9F6D38 Must be unique Asc order_id
UNIQ_29D6873EC20EA752 Must be unique Asc uniqNumber