1866 rows


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id VARCHAR 36 null
address.customer_id FK_D4E6F819395C3F3R
commission.customer_id FK_1C6501589395C3F3R
commissioncontract.customer_id FK_34122FF49395C3F3R
contact.customer_id FK_4C62E6389395C3F3R
contact_customer.customer_id FK_1B1C129E9395C3F3C
contactmessage.customer_id FK_DF1CE07D9395C3F3R
customer.employer_id FK_81398E0941CD9E7AR
customer_adviser.customer_source FK_FF9F85C0EE4FA322C
customer_adviser.customer_target FK_FF9F85C0F7AAF3ADC
customer_crossclient.customer_id FK_5945883E9395C3F3C
customer_customergroup.customer_id FK_11E0AA9395C3F3R
customer_discount.customer_id FK_CD25F7219395C3F3C
customer_report.customer_id FK_75EAABD59395C3F3C
customer_voucherserie.customer_id FK_F8AAA08E9395C3F3C
customercontact.customer_id FK_494DDEA9395C3F3R
customermetafield.customer_id FK_9773404F9395C3F3R
customersession.customer_id FK_98B2EE069395C3F3R
customerupload.customer_id FK_53B07FB89395C3F3R
invoiceledgeritem.customer_id FK_E952138C9395C3F3R
liability.customer_id FK_3B59ECCC9395C3F3R
offer.agentCustomer_id FK_29D6873E7046D53R
offer.customer_id FK_29D6873E9395C3F3R
product.marketplaceCustomer_id FK_D34A04AD8002373DR
productlicense.directCustomer_id FK_CC27523E6167798FR
storefeedback.customer_id FK_BF6984C29395C3F3R
storelogintoken.customer_id FK_D4AA97059395C3F3R
storeregistrationtoken.customer_id FK_185020969395C3F3R
storesession.customer_id FK_4D60A4C19395C3F3R
subscriptioncontract.customer_id FK_EED229BF9395C3F3R
timetracking.customer_id FK_88B322079395C3F3R
voucher.customer_id FK_1392A5D89395C3F3R
country_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_81398E09F92F3E70R
state_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_81398E095D83CC1R
client_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_81398E0919EB6921R
foreign_id VARCHAR 36 null
username VARCHAR 255 null
email VARCHAR 255 null
pass VARCHAR 128 null
salt VARCHAR 128 null
customerNumber VARCHAR 11 null
internalCustomerNumber INT 10 null
vatId VARCHAR 255 null
company VARCHAR 255 null
firstName VARCHAR 255 null
lastName VARCHAR 255 null
street VARCHAR 255 null
city VARCHAR 255 null
zip VARCHAR 16 null
phone VARCHAR 128 null
mobilePhone VARCHAR 128 null
privatePhone VARCHAR 128 null
fax VARCHAR 128 null
salutation VARCHAR 128 null
birthDate DATE 10 null
boni INT 10 null
additionalInfo VARCHAR 255 null
url VARCHAR 255 null
title VARCHAR 255 null
note LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
lastContact DATE 10 null
receivableAccount VARCHAR 32 null
payment_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_81398E094C3A3BBR
shipping_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_81398E094887F3F8R
language_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_81398E0982F1BAF4R
blocked BIT 1 null
nettoMode BIT 1 null
offerAdditionalInfo LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
offerAdditionalInfo2 LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
offerAdditionalInfo3 LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
bankAccountHolder VARCHAR 255 null
bankName VARCHAR 255 null
bicCode VARCHAR 255 null
ibanNumber VARCHAR 255 null
paymentTerm INT 10 null
creditorAccount VARCHAR 32 null
paypalEMail VARCHAR 255 null
creditorPayment_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_81398E095DDE42F7R
vatNumber VARCHAR 255 null
noTax BIT 1 null
agentPercentFee DECIMAL 10,4 null
agentFixFee DECIMAL 10,4 null
agentFeeFormula VARCHAR 255 null
sepaMandate VARCHAR 255 null
cashDiscountPercent DECIMAL 10,2 null
cashDiscountDays INT 10 null
sepaMandateStatus VARCHAR 10 null
uid VARCHAR 10 null
emailForInvoice VARCHAR 255 null
created DATETIME 19 null
defaultAddress_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_81398E096614251FR
deleted BIT 1 null
activeOffer_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_81398E095DB44BDBR
debitNotePaymentTerm INT 10 null
creditBalance DECIMAL 10,2 null
foreignCustomerNumber VARCHAR 128 null
employer_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_81398E0941CD9E7AR
vatIdStatus INT 10 null
activeOffer2_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_81398E09D5853D6AR
activeOffer3_id VARCHAR 36 null FK_81398E096D395A0FR
agentUrlParameter VARCHAR 255 null
glnNumber VARCHAR 128 null
invoiceLimit DECIMAL 10,2 null


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
customernumber_idx Performance Asc internalCustomerNumber
email_idx Performance Asc email
IDX_81398E0919EB6921 Performance Asc client_id
IDX_81398E0941CD9E7A Performance Asc employer_id
IDX_81398E094887F3F8 Performance Asc shipping_id
IDX_81398E094C3A3BB Performance Asc payment_id
IDX_81398E095D83CC1 Performance Asc state_id
IDX_81398E095DDE42F7 Performance Asc creditorPayment_id
IDX_81398E096614251F Performance Asc defaultAddress_id
IDX_81398E0982F1BAF4 Performance Asc language_id
IDX_81398E09F92F3E70 Performance Asc country_id
name_idx Performance Asc/Asc firstName + lastName
search_idx Performance Asc foreign_id
UNIQ_81398E095DB44BDB Must be unique Asc activeOffer_id
UNIQ_81398E096D395A0F Must be unique Asc activeOffer3_id
UNIQ_81398E09D5853D6A Must be unique Asc activeOffer2_id